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Cressi Scorfano 7 mm High waist komplet dragt

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•Jacket with padded chest reinforcement.
•Reinforced knees.
•High-waisted pants.
•Camouflage color:

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2.295,00 kr
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Cressi Scorfano 7 mm High waist suit

This suit features a special seams and protection system called the “Liquid Ultraseal System”.

A layer of polymer is spread along the seams to protect and seal them, thereby increasing the resistance to wear, the lifetime of the suit, and its insulating power. 5- and 7-mm open-cell “Green-mimetic” neoprene

Preformed anatomical cut.

  • BC with padded chest reinforcement,
  • watertight seals, and Powertex waist.
  • Watertight seals at the wrists and waist,
  • Powertex reinforcement on the knees.
  • Jacket with padded chest reinforcement.
  • Reinforced knees.
  • High-waisted pants.
  • Camouflage color: Green-Specter.

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